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COMPETECS Group (2021 SGR 01360)

  1. Effects of technological advances on the teaching-learning process
  2. Didactic design in technological environments
  3. The context in which ICTs are introduced
  4. Evaluation and validation of virtual environments and communication tools
  5. Content & Knowledge Management
  6. Quality Management & E-Learning Systems
  7. Organization and management of technological training environments
  8. Training of trainers with technological environments
  9. Professional competencies
  10. Information Literacy in Education

Indexing of theses articles by compendium of the Interunivesity PhD Programme in Educational Technology

Articles published or accepted for publication in scientific journals of "group A" or "group of excellence" according to the CIRC classification, or in journals of the Journal Citation Reports, Scopus, or ERIH.

A letter must be submitted by the thesis supervisor stating the status of each of the articles (published or accepted) and the impact index of each of the articles that form part of the thesis.


Here you will find all the information about the TRAINING ACTIVITIES, including transversal training courses, competitions and conferences of the Doctoral School of the UdL. 

The Program has an annual research seminar in hybrid modality for the participation of researchers in training (SIITE). In addition, the Program at the UdL offers training activities linked to conceptual and methodological training for research in the field of Educational Technology that are announced through the Virtual Campus in the Program space. Likewise, the other universities of the Program offer some open training activities for researchers in training of the Program at the UdL.

Seminario Interuniversitario de Investigación en Tecnología Educativa (SIITE)

Link with more information:

Hours: 8-10.

Objective: Promote a forum for debate with experts so that trainee research staff who are in the process of completing a doctoral thesis in the field of Educational Technology can present the status of their research and receive advice and guidance on it for improvement.

Recipients: Students enrolled in the Interuniversity Doctoral Programme in Educational Technology at any time during their training during the 3 or 5 years of completion of the doctoral thesis. They can register to attend the doctoral sessions of other doctoral programs in the field of Educational Technology.

Hybrid modality. Participation in the seminar can be face-to-face or remote.

The organizing venue and the seminar rotate annually between the four universities of the Program (UIB, URV, UMU and UdL).

Servei d’Assessorament, Formació i Impuls a la Recerca (SAFIR) de la FEPTS

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