According to the  Doctorate academic regulations of the University of Lleida :

The Academic year is the period that begins on October 1 and ends on September 30 of the following year.

Each academic year, until the end of their studies, PhD students must register for academic supervision at the UdL. When it comes to joint Doctorate programmes, the agreement must determine the way in which this registration must be carried out.

The lack of thesis tuition enrolment during one academic year implies the definitive disengagement from the doctorate program.

Enrolment implies that PhD students must pay in full the price of academic supervision, fees, insurance, voluntary services, if applicable, and possible surcharges that are determined annually by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the agreements established by the Social Council of the UdL.

The economic regime is regulated in the Doctorate academic regulations of the University of LleidaFor economic issues that are not specific to doctoral studies, the Academic Regulations for Official Master's Studies University of Lleida, approved by the Governing Council for each academic year, apply.

Compulsory school insurance corresponds to trainee researchers enrolled under 28 years of age. The researcher in foreign training of 28 years or more must present original and copy of the insurance of health care and accidents valid to the Spanish State.

The PhD student may withdraw from enrolment in the Doctoral studies for justified reasons, with the knowledge of the tutor and the director of the thesis, within the deadlines established in the Doctoral procedures calendar.

Doctoral students with habitual residence abroad

Enrolment for doctoral studies at the University of Lleida does not include the possibility of completing the studies online. Doctoral students with habitual residence abroad must make a mandatory stay at the UdL within their study years (preferably, during the first academic year of enrolment). The minimum length of the stay must be one week.


Registration terms



FIRST: from September 2022, 15th  to October, 30th

SECOND: from December 2002, 15th, to January 2023, 31st

Doctoral procedures calendar 2022/2023


1st Year enrollment will be carried out, in general, through the UdL's online self-enrollment application.

If you want to formalize the registration in person, you can request an appointment at the Doctoral School.



Admitted students who have submitted the following documents will be able to enroll in the program

- The documentation indicated in the Admission procedure
- If you are entitled to exemptions from the tuition fee or enjoy pre-doctoral aid, you must prove it as indicated in this link.

The documentation must be submitted to the electronic office using the following form:
Application to submit documentation for enrolment


ENROLMENT through the UdL's online application

FIRST CALL: From September 15th

SECON CALL: From December 15th

1. Admitted students will receive an e-mail message with the necessary data to complete the registration. The subject of the message is:

On-line enrollment Doctorate / Doctorate On-line Enrollment / On-line enrollment Doctorate

2. During the term indicated in the message,  the student will enroll by following these steps:

  • Generate access credentials to the UdL online enrollment application, according to this GUIDE
  • Access the online registration application: ACCESS
  • Formalize enrollment in the corresponding doctoral program
  • Save the enrolment issued in pdf format.

3. Make the tuition fees within the term indicated in the enrolment, as stated in the following section: Payment options


2n and following academic yearsnext

From September 15th to October 30th 2022

All students who are in a position to be able to enrol for academic supervision to second and following academic years, will receive a message to the UdL email in which a "Prior Appointment" will be given to access the Self-registration en this link: ACCESS

  • The researcher in training must formalize, each academic year and during the duration of the doctoral studies, tuition for academic tutelage.
  • Annual evaluations must be qualified.
  • Students that have two negative assessments, they shall be permanently removed from the programme.

The registration document, which will be generated in pdf format, will contains the necessary information to make the payment, according to chosen way of payment.

Enrolment may be requested outside the time limit, with prior justification and authorization from the Academic Committee, by submitting this form in to the UdL's Electronic Offfice


If you submit the documentation corresponding to the deposit and defense of the doctoral thesis until September 30th (included), ignore the appointment for the self-enrollment. The Doctoral School will review the documentation submitted within the indicated period, and will send the doctoral student the enrollment for the doctoral thesis defence  only.

Enrollment thesis defence

Doctoral procedures calendar of the 2022/2023 year


Tuition fees - Payment options. Free or discounted registration

Payment options

You can check the Payment options of the enrollment in this document

Paying by bank transfer is not allowed.

In this document you can find information about to do so by card through the online payment service of CaixaBank.


Tuition fees

You can check the PRICES of the different academic services in this document

The rate of learning support, compulsory school insurance and contracted services must be paid in full at the time of enrollment.

Free or discounted registration

In the cases in that person may be granted free enrolment or discount, it is essential to present the document that certifies the reason for this discount:

  • Predoctoral aids: photocopy of the last credential.
  • General large family and special large family: photocopy of the card In the event that the number of the children/ brothers / sisters does not appear on the card, a certificate is needed issued by the corresponding Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia or organization equivalent to other autonomous communities
  • Disabilities: supporting document.
  • Victim of terrorist act: supporting document.
  • Victim of gender violence: supporting document.


Predoctoral aid

Must be justified the grant with the definitive resolution of predoctoral fellowship,  predoctoral contract, or other relevant documentation including the a start and end date.

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