At the time of applying for the degree, it is ESSENTIAL to take the following steps in order to be able to undertake the digital publication of your thesis in the TDX (repository of theses completed in Catalan universities) and in the TESEO (repository of theses completed in Spain):

1-In order to publish the thesis in TDX and in the UdL Open Repository, you must attach the following documentation to the thesis author’s authorization:

1- To do the thesis publication in TDX and UdL's Open Repository is necessary the next documents with the permission of the author of the thesis:

2-In order to enter the data in the TESEO, you must follow the instructions of this manual. You should complete all the fields with the exception of the thesis Panel and of the grade. The Doctoral School will review and validate the data so that the thesis can be published in the TESEO.

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