1. Where is the delivery, deposit and defence of the doctoral thesis regulated?

In Articles 22 to 30 of the Academic Regulation on Doctoral Courses at the University of Lleida, approved by the Steering Committee of the Doctoral School of July 5, 2022 and by the Governing Council of July 21, 2022.


2. What does the Doctoral Thesis consist of?

The doctoral thesis consists of an original piece of research on a subject related to the scientific, technical or artistic field of a Doctoral Programme.


3.What is the maximum date on which I can submit my Thesis?

You can submit the thesis until the last day of your stay. You must consult this date in your RAPI.


4. What are the minimum requeriments to be able to submit my Thesis?

At least, you must have passed the Research Plan during the first year and the evaluation corresponding to the second year of enrolment.


5. When do I have to enroll the Thesis defence?

In this website we explain it in detail, and you can also check the deadlines in the Doctoral procedures calendar. From the Academic Secretary's Office of the School we will send you the receipt to pay the fees, when the Academic Committee authorizes the deposit and defense of your thesis.


6. Do I have to evaluate myself within the deadlines of the annual calls, if I'm about to submit the Thesis?

The annual evaluation of the academic year in which you submit the thesis can be done outside the evaluation deadlines established in the Doctoral procedures calendar, coinciding with the time of evaluation of the thesis by the Academic Committee. In any case, you must update the training activities in your RAPI.


7. When can I defend once I've submitted my Thesis, throut the Electronic Office of the UdL?

You must count 2.5 months to be able to defend, from the day on which you and your thesis supervisor register the documentation through the e-Office.


8. Hoy long do I have to defend once the Academic Committee has authorized the deposit and defense of my Thesis?

You have 4 months, from the date of signing the favourable deposit and defence agreement, issued by the Academic Committee.

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