Who authorises the deposit of the thesis?

The Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme.

When is authorised?

a) Once the School receives the reports of the two external evaluators, send all the documentation to the Academic Committee to evaluate the doctoral thesis.

b) The Academic Committees, if they consider it appropriate, can request the report of a third external evaluator.

c) The Committee has 20 days to meet and issue an agreement on the authorization of the deposit and subsequent defense of the thesis. The agreement can be:

  • Favorable
  • Favorable with requirements:

- Minors: the thesis can be deposited (public presentation) and a defence date can be established, but the doctoral student must respond to the amendments proposed by the academic committee within 10 days.

- Majors: The Academic Committee will indicate whether the thesis can be deposited or not. In any case, the defense date cannot be established until the amendments proposed by the Commission are answered. The PhD student must respond to these requirements, within 3 months.

  • Unfavourable

What does the entry into deposit of the doctoral thesis imply?

What does the entry into deposit of the Doctoral Thesis imply?

The public presentation of the thesis to the General Secretariat of the UdL, for 10 days, so that it can be consulted by any doctor.

Which procedure must be followed in case of disageement with the deposit agreement of the Academic Committee?

Must follow the Academic Procedure for the Extraordinary Review of Doctoral Theses, approved by the Steering Committee of the Doctoral School, dated March 29th, 2023.

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