Who is proposing the avaluation committee?

The thesis supervisor must submit this  document with the rest of the documentation for the thesis deposit.

Who approves the composition of the avaluation committee?

The Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme

What should be the composition of the avaluation committee?

  • Three headlines. The majority external to the UdL (retired teaching staff, teachers on leave, teaching staff in special services and honorary emeritus teaching staff are also considered members external to the UdL, but not emeritus teaching staff hired by the UdL).
  • Two alternates.
  • At least one woman
  • A maximum of one member of the UdL, who will act as secretary. Active professor.

What requirements must the members of the avaluation committee have?

  • They must be Doctors
  • Have accredited research experience
  • The thesis supervisors and tutors may not be part of the panel, unless they are co-tutored by thesis and are contemplated in the corresponding agreement.
  • They cannot have a conflict of interest with the doctoral student
  • External evaluators may be part of the Tribunal.
  • When the thesis is presented in the form of articles, the co-authors of the publications cannot be part of the Panel.
  • In the case of theses that opt for the International Mention, at least one of the titular members of the Tribunal must be from a higher education institution or foreign research center, different from the place where the stay was made.
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