When can the thesis be submitted by compendium of articles?

When at the time of delivery of the doctoral thesis you have at least four articles, of which at least two must be published or accepted.


What requerements must items meet?

- They must be the result of the doctoral student's Research Plan

- They have been prepared and published after the first enrolment of doctoral studies.

- The researcher in training must be the first or second author in at least two published or accepted articles.

- Each Academic Committee will set the quality indexes for the articles that are part of the theses by compendium. The criteria are unique for each Doctoral Programme and are published on the website.

For more information see article 29 of the Academic Regulation on Doctoral Courses at the University of Lleida

Quality indexes for the articles for the thesis by compendium for each Doctoral Programme

PhD Programme in Agricultural and Food Science and Technology

PhD Programme in Law and Business Administration

PhD Programme in Engineering and Information Technology

PhD Programme in Education, Society and Quality of Life

PhD Programme in Forest and Natural Environment Management

PhD Programme in Health

PhD Programme in Territory, Heritage and Culture

PhD Programme in Physical Activity and Sports

PhD Programme in Efficient Systems of Agro-food Production and Quality

PhD Programme in Comprehensive Care and Health Services


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