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1. What is the assessment of the first year of doctoral studies?

In the academic year of the first enrolment for doctoral studies, the Academic Committee evaluates the Research Plan drawn up by the PhD student. The Research Plan must include the Data Management Plan and the Training Plan.

The doctoral student will upload the Research Plan  project and the Data Management Plan in pdf format to the RAPI online platform, once they have obtained the approval of the thesis director and the tutor.

The thesis director and the tutor will view the documents submitted to RAPI by the doctoral students, in the "activity document" menu and in the "Research plan" menu. They will then upload the respective Research Plan Endorsement report to RAPI and record their assessment.

PhD students, thesis supervisors and tutors will need to change the status of each document in RAPI. Since this will allow everyone to view and validate the records, in the different phases of the evaluation.

2. Which documents are required for the 1st year assessment?

Evaluation 1st year doctoral students

- Doctoral students: Research Plan and the Data Management Plan

- Thesis Supervisor/Tutor: Endorsement of the Research Plan

­­­The Academic Committee of each Programme can make the call for evaluation with specific requirements of its area, through the Virtual Campus.

3. How do you get the documentation to the Academic Committee?

Through the RAPI online platform and following this order:

1. Doctoral students upload the required documents to the evaluation call.

2. The thesis supervisors and tutors view and validate the documents of the doctoral students assigned to them, issue their report and upload it to the platform.

3. The Academic Committee grades the doctoral students based on the assessment made by the thesis supervisors and tutors, and on the documentation submitted by the doctoral students.

4. How is the Evaluation carried out by the Academic Committee?

The Academic Committee evaluates the Research Plan and the Activity Document together with the Endorsements presented by the thesis director and tutor. Once the qualification has been issued, it will be entered into RAPI.

In the event that the Academic Committee does not accept the Research Plan, the grade will be negative and the observations will state the suggestions and improvements to be made, as well as the deadline for submitting a new Research Plan.

Normally, it will have to be presented in the next assessment call. If, in the next call, the Research Plan is not approved, the doctoral student will be permanently withdrawn from the Doctoral Programme.

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