1. What is the Research Plan?

It is the document  drawn up by PhD student, in which propose the Research Plan that he/she will carry out in the doctoral thesis, as well as the Training Plan that he will achieve during his doctoral studies.

The thesis supervisor and the tutor will advise the PhD candidate in the preparation of the Research Plan. Once completed, they will issue the Research Plan Endorsement Report.

The presentation and completion of the Research Plan, during the first year of enrollment, is a requirement to continue in the Programme Doctoral.

2. What does the Research Plan include?


The Research Plan includes the following sections:

1. Provisional title of the thesis

2. Introduction

3. Objectives

4. Methodology

5. Expected results

6. Ethics in research

7. Relevant bibliography

8. Training Plan

9. Thesis planning and planned calendar

10. Data Management Plan (DMP)

11. Commitment to Good Practices


3. Which model should be used to issue the Research Plan?


University of Lleida will draw up his Research Plan using the model approved by the Doctoral School.

Each Academic Committee, within the framework of its Doctoral Programme, can develop and make public specific recommendations and criteria for the preparation of the Research Plan. This information can be found on the Virtual Campus .

Note from the Doctoral Programme in Health: both the "Research Plan" template and the "Annual Self-Report" template must be downloaded from the resource folder “Avaluació anual of the Virtual Campus of "1306 Doctorate in Health (RD 99/2011)”.

4. When must the Research Plan be submitted?

During the first year of the studies, the doctoral student must present the Research Plan in the annual assessment. Likewise, the thesis director and the tutor will present the Research Plan Endorsement Report.

5. How is the Research Plan evaluated?


The Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme studies and evaluates the Research Plan together with the thesis director's report; this assessment is made according to the criteria and recommendations of the corresponding Programme.

The evaluation of the research plans will be carried out by the academic commissions, within the deadlines laid down in each call for evaluation established in the Doctorate academic calendar, published on the School's website.

The evaluation is carried out in the on-line application  RAPI.

6. The Research Plan, it is a definitive document?


The Research Plan is a living document that can be modified throughout the PhD studies to adjust it to the development of the doctoral thesis.

Changes that involve a rethinking of the objectives of the thesis will lead to a new presentation and evaluation of the Research Plan.

7. What is the Doctoral School's Commitment to Good Practices?


The Commitment to Good Practice document that sets out the rights and obligations of each researcher in training, and of the people who take on the thesis direction and tutoring. The researcher in training and the supervisors of the thesis must know and accept its content, from the moment of first enrollment in the Doctorate studies.

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