When can a thesis be requested to be treated confidentially?

When there are confidentiality agreements on the thesis or when patents may be generated on the content of the thesis.


How should it be requested?

The author of the thesis must request the Academic Committee, in the form for submitting the doctoral thesis, that their thesis be treated with confidentiality.


What documents must be provided?

A copy of the agreement signed with the company or institution must be submitted where it is specifically indicated that the contents of the doctoral thesis must be treated confidentially


How is confidentiality ensured by the people involved in the review of the thesis?

The members of the academic committees, the external evaluators and the members of the panel, before reviewing the thesis, must sign this commitment to confidentiality. The document must be digitally signed and sent to the School of Doctoral Studies:


Do external reviewers and members of the panel have access to the entire thesis?

Yes. They have an obligation to maintain secrecy and absolute confidentiality about the content.


How is the defence of a thesis affected by a confidentiality agreement carried out?

The member of the UdL Tribunal, or the secretary, must notify the Academic Committee of the protocol that will be carried out in order to guarantee its confidentiality.

The Academic Committee must approve the defence protocol established for the thesis in question.

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