End of the "Thesis in 3 minutes" contest of Campus Iberus

Stefano Lodetti, from the University of Zaragoza (Unizar), has won the final of the 3-minute dissertation of Campus Iberus, held this Friday at the University of Lleida (UdL). The prize is endowed with 1,000 euros. Two accésits of 600 euros each have also been awarded to Sandra López and Alejandro Quintas, #the two doctoral students of Unizar. A total of 13 finalists, 10 boys and 3 girls participated.

This initiative raises to the researchers in training the challenge of explaining the development of their PhD thesis in a limited intervention of time, with a simple language, intelligible and accessible to the general public. The objective is to tie this research task to society and, at the same time, to inculcate young people's interest in scientific dissemination.

Lodetti has explained his thesis on supra-harmonics describing them as the bad characters of a comedian, since they make difficult the distribution of renewable energies to the current networks. In any case, he said, "these are technical problems that could be solved". In his speech, he stressed that "the most important is the political will" because 100% of energy production comes from renewable sources.

In the semifinals -celebrated in Zaragoza and Logroño last October - 27 PhD students took part: 15 from Unizar, 5 from the Public University of Navarra (UPNA), 4 from the UdL, and 2 from La Rioja. The finalists have been able to enjoy a workshop on public speaking techniques, held on November 15. In this final phase, thirteen young researchers from the universities that make up the Campus of International Excellence Iberus: 9 from Zaragoza, 2 from the UPNA, 1 from La Rioja and 1 from the UdL participated.

The jury was composed of the executive vice president of Campus Iberus, Julio Lafuente; the coordinator of the scientific supplement Ternium Milenio , of the Heraldo de Aragón , Pilar Perla; the UPNA professor and scientific disseminator, Joaquín Sevilla; the Director of Communication of the UdL, Xavier Moncayo, and the editor of the newspaper La Mañana , Ignacio Calvo.

End of the 3-minute Thesis contest at Campus Iberus

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