Enrolment procedure for the doctoral degree

Registration terms

First academic year

The regular registration is open from September 2nd, 2019 to April 30th, 2020.

Steps to follow

  1. You must fill in the application form of registration to the doctorate programs.
  2. Submit it to the Doctoral School to register along with all the necessary documentation.

Universitat de Lleida

Escola de Doctorat

Pl. de Víctor Siurana, 1

25003 Lleida

Next academic years

As a novelty, this course you will be able to carry out the Self-registration.

As of September 16, all students who are in a position to be able to enrol for academic supervision to second and following academic years, will receive a message to the UdL email in which a "Prior Appointment" will be given to access the Self-registration

Term for 2nd-year and following students: Start 16th September 2019 - End 31st October 2019

  • The researcher in training must formalize, each academic year and during the duration of the doctoral studies, tuition for academic tutelage.
  • Tuition registration for the second year cannot be made without the academic committee of the doctoral program having approved the research plan presented the previous course.
  • Annual evaluations must be qualified.


Calendar aproved by Consell de Govern of the UdL


Tuition fees - Payment options. Free or discounted registration.

Payment options

You can check the Payment options of the enrollment in this link. 

Paying by bank transfer is not allowed.


Tuition fees

You can check the Prices of the different academic services.

The rate of learning support, compulsory school insurance and contracted services must be paid in full at the time of enrollment.

Free or discounted registration

In the cases in that you can enjoy of license plate free or discount, it is essential to present the document that certifies the reason for this discount:

  • Predoctoral aids: photocopy of the last credential.
  • General large family and special large family: photocopy of the card In the event that the number of the children/ brothers / sisters does not appear on the card, a certificate is needed issued by the corresponding Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia or organization equivalent to other autonomous communities
  • Disabilities: supporting document.
  • Victim of terrorist act: supporting document.
  • Victim of gender violence: supporting document.



Frequently Asked Questions

You can consult a series of "Frequently Asked Questions" about registration concepts and their validity with the different queries made by the student body.