If you want to start studies of Doctorate in the UdL, these are the steps you'll have to follow and the information you have to know as a PhD:

  • Check the academic calendar to find out when you can do next procedures
  • Here you'll fins documents and application forms that you must submit

- ADMISSION to the doctoral programme

- ENROLMENT for doctoral course thesis supervision and declaration of equivalence (when the master’s degree was obtained abroad)

- Active your account in CAMPUS VIRTUAL as a student of Doctorate in the UdL going to this link and following the instructions.

That means that with this user and password you will ba able to access to the different School Doctoral and UdL's on-line sites: RAPI, Online Office, Bibliographic electronic resources, self-enrollment... You have your mail account @alumne.udl, and there you'll receive all the information fron the Doctoral School: announcements, mesages, terms...

Remember you can derive the mails in the UdL's address to the email adress you use  habitually following next steps:

     - Go to the Campus Virtual with your login and password

     - In the menu on the top of your screen, go to the link "Intranet"

     - In the column "Utilitats" go to the last link, "Directori"

     - Click "Canvia les dades personals"

     - On the field "Adreça de reenviament de correu" you have to write your email adress where you want to receieve the messages

     - Click "Desa" to save the change


- Here you have information about the UdL's CARD


  • Start date = date of 1st enrolment
  • Completion date = deadline to submit the doctoral thesis
  • Full time: 3 years + ordinary extension of 1 year + extraordinary extension of 1 year
  • Part time: 5 years + ordinary extension of 2 years + extraordinary extension of 1 year
  • The date of academic progress must be consulted on the RAPI. Should the academic progress have expired, an extension must be requested.


  • Completion and submission of the RESEARCH PROGRAMME, aided by the thesis tutor and supervisor
  • Completion of TRAINING ACTIVITIES, indicated in the virtual campus of the Doctoral Programme and present to RAPI


  • There are two calls each academic year, in accordance with the academic calendar of the Doctoral School
  • First-year assessment: the academic committee assesses the research programme and the doctoral training log submitted for the first time by the doctoral student, with the mandatory report of the thesis tutor and supervisor, all in accordance with the call of the academic committee and the Doctoral School.
  • Annual assessment of the following years: the academic committee monitors the research programme and training activities of the doctoral student. The doctoral student takes part in the call with the self-report issued during that academic year, and the thesis supervisor and tutor issue their reports, in accordance with the call.


  • Annual assessment to monitor the research programme and the doctoral training log


  • Change of format full time to part time or part time to full time
  • Application for extension
  • Change of supervisor and/or tutors
  • Temporary absences reasons specified
  • Complete removal from the programme reasons specified
  • Conflict resolution (if applicable)


  • Submission and registration of the doctoral thesis: Before the academic progress deadline.
  • Enrolment for doctoral thesis defence
  • Thesis defence


  • Submission of the documentation for the digital publication of the thesis in and TESEO
  • Application for doctoral degree certificate and payment of the issuing fees
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