The announcement of the Special Doctoral Awards  is approved by the Doctoral School's Steering Committee, is addressed at doctors that have obtained Mention Cum Laude at the defence of the PhD thesis at the academic year that determines the announcement.

The prizes are valued by a jury designated for each field and announcement, resolved by the Steering Committee and ratified by the Council of Governance of the UdL.


End of the period to present allegations or amendments to the provisional list of admitted and excluded: August 6th 2021 (included)


The definitive list of admitted and excluded will be published the week of Septembrer 13th


Documents for this call:

Regulations for the Special Doctoral Awards

Call Special Doctoral Awards year 2019/2020

Application for the Special Doctoral Awards year 2019/2020

Definitive list of admitted and excluded to the Doctoral Awards year 2019/2020

Assessment scales by areas of knowledge:

01 - Experimental Sciences

02 - Medicine and Surgery

03 - Agronomic Engineering

04 - Law

07 - Economy

09 - Psicopedagogy

10 - Food Science and Tecnology

11 - Forest Engineering

12 - Physical Education

13 - Informatics and Matematics

14 - Industrial Engineering

15 - Psicology

17 - Biomedicine

51 - Geography and Sociology

52 - History, History of Art and Social History

61 - English Filology

62 - Catalan Filology and Communication

63 - French Filology

64 - Spanish Filology

Composition of the Advisory Commmittees by areas of knowledge:

Advisory Committee of 02-Medicine and Surgery

Advisoty Committee of 03-Agronomic Engineering

Advisory Committee of 09-Psicopedagogy

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