Contest #HiloTesis 2021

Encourage you to participate in the #HiloTesis contest of the University of Lleida!

The scientific dissemination initiative called "Concurso #HiloTesis", of the Red Divulga Crue-I + D + i, aims to promote the development of communication skills and scientific dissemination of future or recent doctors. Through this contest, PhD students will be able to tell society what they do, how they do it and why they do it by creating a thread on Twitter adapting the content of the thesis to a simple, accessible and attractive language.

All PhD students from the Spanish Universities associated with Crue who call this contest and who have satisfactorily passed at least one evaluation of the Activities Document and Research Plan (RAPI) or who have defended their Doctoral Thesis within a period can participate maximum of 6 months prior to the start date of the contest.

The contest will feature 3 winners from 3 different universities, whose prize will consist of a tablet for each.

The students must, once the thread is published, register and provide the link to their thread through the form that you can find in the RULES of the contest, in April, from 1st to 23rd.


“Tesis en 3 Minutos” 



Last Thursday, November 26th, tooke place the final of the contest "Tesis en 3 Minutos", in live through the Campus Iberus YouTube's chanel, with next winners:

First Prize: Ana Pilar Tobajas de la Fuente, from the Universidad de Zaragoza

1st Special Mention: Andrea Ariño Bizarro, from the Universidad de Zaragoza

2nd Special Mention: Begoña Haro Escribano, from the Universidad Pública de Navarra


The final of the 2020 edition counted with next jury:

Presideed the Mgfc. Mr. Jaume Puy Llorens, rector of the Universitat de Lleida and president of Campus Iberus

Ms. María Gómez Patiño, coordinator of the Degree in Periodism in the Universidad de Zaragoza

Ms. Carmina Puyod Alegre, responsible of the Unidad de Cultura Científica in the Universidad de Zaragoza

Mr. Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón, mathematician, profesor in the Universidad de la Rioja and scientifis outreach expert

Mr. Joaquín Sevilla, director of the Cátedra de Cultura Científica in the Universidad Pública de Navarra

Representing the Universitat de Lleida were:

Ms. Ana Blasco Belled, from the Doctoral Programme in Education, Society and Quality of Life

Ms. Judith Borrás Andrés, from the Doctoral Programme in Territory, Heritage and Culture

All the staff of the Doctoral School, and specialy the manegement team, wants to thank to all the participants in this contest and congratulate the winners and the two finalists from de UdL, that made a very good performance the final's day.

We remind you that you can see the photos of the semifinal's act in this link and the video in this.

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