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Persons entering a doctoral programme certified under RD 99/2011, of January 28, which regulates official doctoral studies, will be subject to an academic progress system that respects the provisions of Article 3, paragraph 2

"The duration of the doctoral studies will be a maximum of three years full-time, from the admission of the candidate to the programme to the submission of the thesis.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, after approval by the academic committee responsible for the programme, doctoral studies may be followed part-time. In this case the studies may have a maximum duration of five years from admission to the programme to submission of the thesis.

If after three years the student has not applied to submit the thesis, the committee responsible for the programme may authorize an extension of this period for one year, which may be extended exceptionally for one further year subject to the conditions established in the doctoral programme. In the case of part-time studies the period may be extended by two years and exceptionally for one further year.

For the purpose of calculating this period, time off for sickness, pregnancy and any other cause provided for by current legislation will not be taken into account. Furthermore, the doctoral student may apply for temporary leave from the programme for a maximum period of one year, extendable by up to one year. Such a request shall be addressed and justified before the academic committee responsible for the programme, which will decide on the suitability of accepting the student's request."


Doctoral students enrolled full time:

- 1st extension (ordinary): one more year

- 2nd extension (extraordinary): one more year

Doctoral students enrolled at partial temps:

- 1st extension (ordinary): two more years

- 2nd extension (extraordinary): one more year

* The enrollment method of the last course will be taken as a reference.


DOCTORAL STUDIES EXTENSION REQUEST DE PRÒRROGA (Doctoral Programes RD 99/2011) (Deadline for submitting the application: during the two months before the end of the stay in the dossier of the doctoral student, which you can consult in the RAPI).

Instructions for submitting applications:

Once completed, applications must be submitted through the electronic office: "generic instance". You must identify yourself with the digital certificate of the UdL, or with the username and password with which you access the  Campus Virtual. You must directly attach the completed application, to which you can also attach other pdf documents, if necessary. This request must be digitally signed by your thesis director, authorizing the request. You must direct the application to the Doctoral School and fill in all the fields of the electronic office registration form. Finally, you must press the "Registration and signature" button (the document will be signed automatically by the doctoral student).