What is the Research Plan?

It is the plan prepared by trainer researcher under the supervision by the thesis director and the tutor, over the 1st year of doctoral studies.  This Research Plan may be improved and detailed throughout the stay in the doctoral program, and will be included in the annual  assessment.

The memory must contain:

  • The provisional title of the future doctoral thesis
  • Description of objectives
  • Material and the study method
  • Work plan with an indication of the expected calendar

The Academic Committee can add content and requirements that you can find at the bottom of this page.

  When do you have to submit it?

First-year doctoral students will have to present their Research Plan during the first annual evaluation session, in general.

The academic committee can establish, depending on the date of first enrolment, which doctoral students must be evaluated in the 1st call.

The Academic Committee of the doctoral programme must assess the research programme and the training log in the first year, with the annual report of endorsement Research Plan 1st year issued by thesis supervisors.




  How to apply for registration of the Research Plan?

1. The Research Plan issued by the trainee researcher must be entered on RAPI.

  How do I upload the memory of the Research Plan to RAPI?

The Research Plan in a digital file (pdf) you have to upload to the RAPI, to the Research Plan tab.


  1. To the "Research Plan" tab you have to check the option "Generate plan"; "Show detail"; "Edit".
  2. You can now upload the memory made to the field "Complete Memory of the Research Area". If you prefer, I have the option of completing the different sections of the Research Area within the RAPI: provisional title, objectives, material and method of study...
  3. Save the changes so that all the information is recorded.
  4. If you are satisfied with the data you have entered into the RAPI and do not want to make further change, you can validate it so that it can be viewed by the tutor and thesis director.
  5. You have to make the next state change: REGISTERED ⇒ REVISION (view flow of the states). Now the tutor and thesis director can already issue their report, which are mandatory for the evaluation of the academic committee.

  Report of endorsement for enrollment of the research plan first year of enrollment

When you access the RAPI, to the menu "MY STUDENTS" you will see all the researchers in training (IEF) that you have assigned as a tutor or director, depending on the role with which you have entered.

The doctoral students that comprise the "START OF STUDIES" course 2021/2022, are those who are in their 1st year of doctoral studies, and therefore present the Research Plan for the first time for your registration.

In each doctoral student, an alert signal appears, indicating whether there are tasks to be validated.

- Once you have identified the investigators in training for the 1st YEAR who have uploaded the Research Plan, you have to issue and sign the mandatory endorsement report for the commission to approve the Registration of the Research Plan, which is the EVALUATION OF THE FIRST YEAR.

Model: Report of endorsement Research Plan 1st Year

Steps to issue and upload the report to RAPI:

  1. Click above the name of the researcher in training.
  2. Access the "Research plan" tab. Within the section "Research plan", you can view the memory of the Research Plan in the different fields provided.
  3. If you are CONFORMING, from section "Evaluación":
    • You have to make the following state change: REVISION ⇒ ACCEPTED  (view flow of the states)
    • Click on the VALUATIONS button. A window is created to make the joint assessment of the Research Plan and activity document.
    • You have to fill in the section, upload the report in pdf, once signed.
    • You have to SAVE the information entered
    • You have to LEAVE
  4. If you are DISCONFORMED, from section "Evaluación":
    • You have to indicate to "OBSERVATION" the amendments that the researcher in training has to make.
    • You have to make the following state change: REVIEW ⇒ PENDING CORRECTION (view flow of the states below)


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