What is the Research Plan?

It is the plan drawn up by the trainee researcher with the supervision of the thesis supervisor and the tutor, during the 1st year of their Doctoral studies. This Research Plan can be improved and detailed during the stay in the  Program, and stated in the annual monitoring evaluation.

Doctoral students of the University of Lleida will draw up their Research Plan using the project approved by the School of Doctoral Studies:

Research Plan of the Doctoral School

When should the Research Plan be presented?

1st year doctoral students must submit their Research Plan during the first annual evaluation call, in general.

Depending  on the date of the first enrolment, the Academic Committee may establish which doctoral students must be evaluated in the 1st call.

The Doctoral Academic Committee will evaluate the Research Plan  presented for registration in the first year and the activities document, with the 1st year Research Plan Endorsement  issued by the thesis supervisor and the tutor.


How is the Research Plan presented for the evaluation of the 1st year?

The Project Plan must be done with this document Research Plan of the Doctoral School and upload to RAPI


1. In the tab "Research Plan" you must mark the option "Generate plan"; "Show detail"; "Edit".

2. You can now upload the Project, in a pdf file, to the field "Complete report of the Research Plan".

3. Save the changes so that all the information is recorded.

4. If you agree with the data you have entered in the RAPI and do not want to make any further changes, you can validate it so that it can be viewed by tutor and thesis supervisor.

5. You must make the following change of status : REGISTERED ⇒ IN REVISION. From that moment on, the tutor and the thesis supervisor can issue their mandatory report for the evaluation of the Academic Committee.  Next, you have the RAPI status changes.




Support of the 1st year Research Plan

When you access to RAPI, in the menu "MIS ALUMNOS" you  will see all the researchers in training (IeF) that you have assigned as a tutor or director, depending on the role with which you have entered.

The doctoral students included in " INICIO DE ESTUDIOS" in the current academic year, are those who are in their 1st YEAR of Doctoral studies, and therefore present the Research Plan for the first time for approval.

For each doctoral student, an alert signal appears, indicating whether there are tasks to be validated.

Once you have identified the 1st year training researchers who have uploaded the Research Plan, you must issue and sign the 1st year  Research Plan Endorsement for the Commission to approve the Research Plan, which is the EVALUATION OF THE FIRST YEAR.

Model: 1st year Research Plan Endorsement

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